25th November

I woke this morning and as I lay in bed listening to the sound of the wind battering the bedroom windows I thought I could hear music. Not the duffy duffy, windows down, sunglasses on sort of music but a more subliminal music. Music that exists on the threshold of hearing just hovering above the bottom end of the audible range. The sort of music produced by æolian harps, the music of nature itself. I lay straining to hear the sounds produced by the wind and it huffed and puffed it’s way past the house. It’s not the sort of sound you could record but oh if you could! I fell back to sleep and when I woke again it was gone, or at least I could no longer hear it. I tried but before my hearing could pick it up it was distracted by people walking past or cars driving down the street. Maybe it’s always there and we just don’t hear it except in exceptional circumstances!


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