28th November

The client I’m currently making a video for is taking a very Orwellian approach to it! The video is a review of the last ten years but she appears to want to remove all reference to anyone no longer with the company! She also wants lots of shots of the new boss even though he has only been there for a year and there’s only a small clip of him from last year.

It’s when she sends me pictures in the morning to add in and then sends me a message in the afternoon to take them back out again! Still the show is tomorrow night so at least my pain will end soon!

Had to have a little chat with E-on this evening as they wanted to increase our monthly payments by a massive 35% despite us being £300 in credit. Even by their own figures this would have left us £800 in credit by this time next year!! Apparently they wanted to put up our payment because we would use more power in the winter and said that when it was reviewed again in April it would probably go down again – I don’t think they’ve quite got the hang of this paying monthly to even out payments across the year idea yet!!

After dining at the Dorchester last night which proably cost the client around £90 this evenings dinner was stir fry which probably cost us in the region of £1.80 per head!!


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