30th November

I wrote a new blog post today and when I tried to view it on my phone it wouldn’t load. After trying a few things I realised that my ip address had changed – I’ve no idea when that happened so the sites could have been down for days (or weeks – you can never remember when the last time you visited them was!!).

Anyway I updated the DNS and they still didn’t appear so I checked everything and then realised I’d input the wrong IP address as I’d mistaken a 9 for a 4 (handwriting problem!). So I did it again and this time it worked. It’s odd how I do all 3 domains at the same time and 2 update really quickly and 1 always takes much longer. Also DNS servers update at different speeds and the 2 I use (Virgin and Vodafone) are incredibly slow compared with other one like the one the proxy site I use to check the sites are working.

On the subject of handwriting – last night I tried the handwriting input using the stylus on a Samsung Galaxy Note II and to my surprise it was able to decipher my scrawl without any problems!! Still can’t decide if it’s too big yet!!



ETA: I think I found out why the discrepancy mentioned above – one of the domains had different name servers to the other two!


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