4th December

I’ve spent the last few days mulling over various options for a mobile phone upgrade. My current contract is coming to an end and it’s time to get a nice shiny new phone! This time there were quite a few options and I’ve been trying to decide if I should get a smart phone to replace my current one or if I should go the tablet route for data and get a simpler phone to use to make calls. This latter option was one that Carphone warehouse were offering good deals on.

The problem was that both options had their plus and minus sides. If I went for the top of the range phone I knew I’d get the Samsung Galaxy S3 whereas I had considered various tablets and come down on the Samsung 7″ tablet with something like a Galaxy Ace as the cheaper option phone. However I knew if I went for this latter option I’d miss the wizziness of a top flight smart phone even though I had the tablet. I did consider options to get both the tablet and the S3 or even to compromise and get a Note 2 which is bigger than a smart phone but smaller than the tablet.


In the end I managed to convince Vodafone to let me upgrade a month early and went for a deal that gave me unlimited calls and texts plus a 1GB data allowance for the same price as before and no upfront charge for the S3. I think what swung it was finding out that the S3 had a faster processor than the tablet!! So I will see how I get on and then I still have the option of getting a tablet later or a laptop depending on how the phone pans out.

Bit of  a moan! I spent a couple of days fixing a computer for one of Sarah’s friends. When i asked Sarah if I was getting paid for it she said probably not as her friend wasn’t that well off. This friend has a better laptop than we have and an ipad and after giving Sarah £20 for fixing the computer announced that she’s spent £500 on presents for her son this Christmas! If she’s a bit hard up we must be fucking destitute!!!!


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