10th December

Why do bootlaces always snap when you’re already running late? I’d been trying to get my boots on for ages this morning and every time I sat down to do it something else would distract me. Eventually I got my right foot into one of them, pulled on the laces and snap!

Luckily I had a new set of laces, bought ages ago because one of the ends of the laces had frayed. I didn’t get round to changing them at that time, probably because it’s quite tricky and ironically it wasn’t the frayed lace that had snapped this morning!

So I set about changing them and had soon de-laced the first boot and began the fiddly job of re-lacing it. The second boot with the frayed lace was a real pain to get the old lace out and it ended up tangled and shredding around almost every post. Eventually I got it out and it was while I was struggling to get the new lace into that boot that I was struck by a thought……

…the sort of thought you wish you’d had sooner……..

……why didn’t I just put the other pair of boots on?!?!?!?


We watched Magic Mike tonight which was one of Sarah’s first choices from Lovefilm. It got rave reviews when it came out but god it was dull. I know it featured lots of hunky men in states of undress but the story seemed so vague and dull. I can’t see why it was so popular as even the stripper scenes were a bit tame – some people must lead very sheltered lives if they were titillated by this!



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