15th December


Bought this in a charity shop today!

Wore the new trousers that Sarah bought me for my birthday! Took me ages to decide about them as she said I could change them if I wanted to. I really wanted to like them but I was a bit unsure about the colour and the style. Despite, as she pointed out, being well known for wearing tye-dye t-shirts in multi-colours I’m used to either wearing black or blue trousers (or occasionally¬†khaki!) so the plum colour of these was difficult to get used to. They were also were slim fitting not like the boot cut ones I was used to.

I wore them round the house for a while with the tags still on to see if I could get used to them. I was concerned about them riding up when I had my boots on but they seemed ok (although there was a bit of me expecting them to do so as soon as I left the house and walked down the street). Eventually I decided to give them a go so Sarah cut the labels off and I went out. They were fine as I walked down the street but in the middle of Wilkinson’s I had to stick my hand down inside the waist band and remove the spare button in a little plastic bag as it was scratching my leg!

What was nice was that for the first time in ages I could walk along the street without my trousers falling down and having to pull them up every few minutes even though I’m wearing a belt. Just goes to show how much weight I’ve lost over the past 4 months!


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