19th December

On Monday night I narrowly missed getting stuck in a massive traffic jam on the M25 after there had been an accident just outside the Dartford tunnel. I was about to turn onto the M25 when I saw the queue so I headed off down the M20 instead. The news reports were predicting that the M25 could remain closed on Tuesday morning causing traffic chaos. Luckily for me I had yesterday off and luckily for everyone else they managed to get the road open in time. So this morning when I was driving to work I was confused by signs that the M25 was closed again – surely it couldn’t be from the same accident could it?

Apparently there was another accident in virtually the same place at 7am this morning which caused the motorway to be closed for the second time in 3 days. Traffic chaos was an understatement with traffic jams in both directions on the A2 plus the M25. Once again I was lucky enough to be going in the opposite direction so my journey to work only took an hour longer than usual!! This included an emergency stop at a petrol station in Pratts Bottom because by the time I got there I was desperate to go to the toilet!!


I saw this beautiful illustration on Pinterest today – it reminds me of the time earlier this year when we went camping at Nethergong. I clambered out of the tent in the middle of the night and was dumbstruck by the sight of the sky full of stars that was visible above the trees behind the tent. This picture goes some way to summing up how I felt standing there.


Another 2 hours journey to get home again this evening, awful traffic and atrocious weather combined to give an average speed of 17mph which is bad considering that about 70% of the journey is on motorways. I tell you Friday can’t come soon enough!!


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