29th February

Oh my word – when I started a diary/blog I forgot it was a leap year and there’s be an extra day to keep it up! Still it’s all important to bring the celestial alignment back to it’s correct place and it’s nice for my employer to get an extra days work from me f.o.c. It’s funny how all the employment battles that have been fought over the decades and no one has ever picked up on that one!!

Here is the video from last Friday at the BBC – I can’t help but notice a rather prominent role for the back of my head during Peter Donohoe’s performance – makes mental note to wear hat next time he’s on the radio!! Also a bit of a cheeky cut and paste job of the audience shots, the shot of the audience clapping after Martin Carthy is identical to the audience shot at the end!

I got an e-mail today asking me if I’d write something for a website about mobile phone photography. He said he thought my work was great and asked if I could write about my techniques. I would but I don’t think “take phone out pf pocket, open app, point and shoot” was quite what he had in mind!


Here we come, walkin’
Down the street.

We get the funniest looks from
Every one we meet.

Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees
And people say we monkey around.
But we’re too busy singing
To put anybody down.


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